Andy Golledge - Strength Of A Queen (Limited Edition Red Vinyl)

I Oh You


Andy Golledge’s anticipated debut album Strength Of A Queen.

If Golledge is only just now beeping onto your radar, we almost envy you the voyage of discovery. His name has practically become folklore in Sydney’s Inner West, both for the exhilarating unpredictability of his live shows and the curveballs of his repertoire, genre-hopping between ’60s country and ’80s Greatest Hits rock. His debut album, Strength Of A Queen, was produced by Ryan Miller and John Vella, at the former Bowlo where Golledge slings schooners as a bartender. The mission was to nail the unpredictability and energy of the live show – Golledge and his band have been barnstorming Sydney’s haunts for 15 years. He’s even got a radio show, Country & Inner Western. LP - SIDE A


  1. Ghost Of Love
  2. Strength Of A Queen
  3. New Stamp
  4. Rescue Me
  5. Love Like This
  6. Heavy Hand


  1. Carry On
  2. Aint Nobody
  3. Dreamin Of A Highway
  4. Babe I think You Think Too Much
  5. Baby Mumma
Andy Golledge - Strength Of A Queen (Limited Edition Red Vinyl) by I Oh You